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Understanding Sexualities: Demisexual


Demisexual : [falling underneath the asexual spectrum as well as not.] Finding sexual attraction /arousal only in those they have a deep emotional bond or connection with or to.

Do Demisexual people like sex?


DEMISEXUAL PEOPLE ARE NOT ASEXUAL! Though they may not have a HIGH sex drive single, with certain partners they can be considered absolutely sex crazy (but only for their partner).

What are some traits that may help you decide if you are Demisexual or not?

  1. Cannot seem to grasp the concept of FWB or having one night stands.

  2. You never really enjoy flirting, you prefer indepth conversations.

  3. The thought of Having sex with a stranger makes you nervous or gives you anxiety.

  4. Never really got into grinding on the dance floor of making out with people at parties.

  5. Always felt like you were different because you cherish relationships and connections more than most people seem to.

This may not be true for everybody, but it is for the majority.

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