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Overwhelmed? 3 Ways You Can Change That Starting Today

Face it, y'all.

A lot of us get overwhelmed pretty easily, especially when it comes to deadlines, goals, or anything with a set time to be completed. If not, then maybe it's just me.

Well, I've come up with different ways to eliminate the overwhelming effect that comes with the frustration of completing a task, goal, or assignment on time.

#1 is about if you are setting personal goals - such as New Years Resolutions, why not break it down into something not so... intimidating.

  1. Make monthly goals instead of a list of YEARLY goals. For each month, take your list of goals you want to complete that year (or whatever it is you are attempting to complete, just using Resolutions as an example. Can be weekly goals as well.) and assign them to a month. Through the year, as the months come, focus on that ONE goal instead of spending the entire year focusing on ALL those goals.

For Example:

January: Create a blog.

February: Learn to cook a cake.

March: Start walking daily and keep it up.

April: Create a journal and write in it daily.

May: Get A New Pair of Georgia Boots.

&& So on, and after you achieved those goals, just continue them out of pure habit, because if you manage to write in that journal for the entire month, you've completed that goal! So, just continue writing in it after the months up and there you go - you've achieved a goal that you should have easily turned into a habit after 30 days.

2. Break things down into parts and complete them in pieces. As silly as that sounds, it DOES work.

Say you are working on a project, does that project consist of things you take and break down into pieces that can be completed separately - then afterwards adding those pieces together?

Once those pieces are adding together - you're project should be nearly completed.

Now, for me, I can never seem to complete a project as a whole.

I get so overwhelmed and sidetracked that I never manage to finish what I aimed to do, and it comes out to be some sort of half done mess. It's never fails!

So I came up with this strategy and by God it saved my life!

3. Make a list of the things you need to accomplish for the day, week, month, assignment, project, or whatever it is you want or need to accomplish and whatever the time frame you have to do it in. If you visually lay it out in front of you on a piece of paper in a list, graph, or whatever form helps YOU the most. DO IT.

Who cares if it looks silly.

Who cares if you have a bunch of paper with a million things written down all over the place. If it helps you accomplish what you want to, then by God, DO IT.


  • Take out Trash

  • Clean carport

  • Stack boxes

  • Get groceries

Basically a to do list - and believe it or not, simple things like this that EVERYBODY knows they can do - really do help get your day complete in the long run,

because I know I'm not the only one that forgets to do something within a day, but when I write it down.

I'm less likely to forget anything I need done and I can actually get it ALL done without thinking at the end of the day "Crap! I for _____"

So, I have to say, making a list is probably a very efficient thing to do.

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