• Star Smith

Get your life together in 8 weeks

Feeling in a slump?

In desperate need of refreshment?

Well I have this plan to get my life together again and I thought I might share with you!

Week 1:

Spend 3 days resting

  • No planning and no routines

  • Don’t do anything you don’t want to do

  • Sleep in if you want

  • Binge that show or play that video game

1 day of cleaning your space

  • Keep it small and surfice level

  • Clean the dust and the floors

  • Change your sheets and towels

  • Declutter the things around

  • Let in fresh air

1 day of mental health reset

  • Focus on yourself and your mind with meditating or journaling

  • Go through your full routines

  • Read or be creative

  • Do your favourite self care activities

1 day of social media detox -no social media allowed

1 day of dopamine detox:

  • You have to get bored

  • You are allowed to go for a walk or work out (no music tho!)

  • You can journal and meditate

  • A little bit of cheating: if you feel to desperate you can read

Week 2:

Spend this week with others as much as possible

Make small gifts for others

Hang out playing games or just talking

Make sure to tell people what they mean to you

Week 3:

Make sure to change up things in this part depending on your goals, health and your body’s needs!

No meat, bread (and other pastry) and sweets

No fried food

Drink water only

Fast for 16 hours a day (intermittent fasting -a lot of you are concerned but don't worry about me personally. It is safe for me. If you consider doing this do a proper research!)

Work out daily

Go for walks/jogging and spend as much time outside as possible

Take medications and vitamins properly

Week 4 & 5:

  • De-clutter and organize your closets and cupboards

  • Go through your clothes

  • Deep clean your space

  • Donate things you don’t want or need

Week 6:

3 days resting completely (like the first 3 days)

4 days of active rest

  • Follow routines

  • Be creative

  • Garden/clean/cook

  • Work out/go cycling/do yoga

  • Read or learn something new

Week 7:

  • Create something every day

Be as artistic as you can possibly be the entire time that you are doing all this - because art is the souls voice and how one does express without using a single word to do so.

Week 8:

Plan your future

Find new routines

Get into stable routine that makes you happy

Keep in mind that these are all suitable for me and you can change things up as much as you want! I hope you find some inspiration in this and good luck on your journey!

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