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3 Best Sites for Creating Epic Graphics (FREE & PAID)

So I'm sure everyone sits on Google constantly looking awesome places to create mind blowing graphics for your blog, social media pages, Instagram, or whatever else you have, right?

&& What else comes along with doing this? STRESS! Getting absolutely frustrated because some of these sites are just a pain to use for the most part.

You either have to pay to save the graphic (LAME!) and they don't tell you this nifty little detail till the very end, or they just have dullest tools imaginable to use (Free shouldn't mean boring!)

Well, here are 3 sites that I have personally used for my blog and Facebook like pages as well, so I know for a fact that they rock out.

Let's start this off with my absolute favorite....


They have so many different things to choose from when it comes to what you can design. I loved them so much that I got Canva Pro.

They have all sorts of Features to choose from, such as....

  • Photos

  • Icons

  • Print Products

  • Apps

  • Explore (Teams, Videos, Graphs & Charts)

As well as all sort of templates to choose from...

  • Social Media

  • Personal

  • Marketing

  • Education

  • Business

  • Trending

Honestly with all they have to offer - it's hard to find things you can't do on it - BUT there are some things that Canva doesn't offer so of course, I had to continue my search to get the full scale of everything I wanted.

Which takes us to the second site...


Which I almost like as much as I like Canva while it's still on the free version. It has so many different things you can use on there it's insane!

I made this graphic using it, actually.

Elements Formats

Pinterest Pins

Or Twitch (Panel, Offline Banners, Profile Banners)

This site is probably neck and neck with Canva if I had to decide, it's an amazing site free.

I just paid for the pro version and I do NOT regret it one bit.



There are absolutely NO surprises here. Though it isn't my favorite, it's one of my favorite FREE sites.

It offers 3 sizes.

Pinterest post size

Instagram post size

and Facebook/ twitter banner size

You can add text on there as well.

Header can be made bigger than Body and Caption option, but only 3 sizes to choose from when using it.

Body remains smaller than the Header even with the three size options it gives you.

Caption, same as the other two, has three size options, but it stays smaller than the Body option.

Last but not least!

It does give you a decent selection of images to choose from to be your background.

I searched Galaxy - and as you can see - they aren't too bad of photos to pick from.

But if you don't like the images the give you to choose from - you can always go to the bottom of the window - and press Upload Image and add your own images onto the Pablo site and use whatever you decide to use.

So when it comes to the images part - it's not all that limited if you look at it that way.

It doesn't surprise you at the end with PAY TO DOWNLOAD or GET PRO TO SAVE crap that so many other graphic sites want to hit you with after you sat there and took the time out to make an amazing graphic.

If you are tight on money, and don't mind the limits, then Pablo is a great site to check out,

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